Justice & Equity Revival

Join us for the 2023 Justice & Equity Revival on June 24th, 2023. We will have workshops, a keynote speaker, and a panel discussing local injustices and inequities in our community. 

June 24, 2023 7:00PM

809 Langston Hughes Blvd.

Joplin MO 64801

2022 Justice & Equity Revival 

Our  2022 Justice & Equity Revival was a success. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make it happen. The speakers kept it real, and we pray their truth will help level the playing field for low-income families and minorities.

According to our panelist, some of the most impactful things you can do to help level the playing field are:

These panelists all have close ties to our local community and spoke from the heart. Check out what they had to say for yourself at the links below.

Presentation - https://www.facebook.com/penny.robinsonburton/videos/3286071995044380/ 

Panel - https://www.facebook.com/penny.robinsonburton/videos/744169726906752/ 

Kezziah Thomas


Kezziah Thomas spent the majority of her childhood years in the Kansas City, Mo area, a diverse community. She spent many childhood summers in Joplin and later graduated from Webb City High school in 2019.

While attending school and working in the local area has been a culture shock, she has learned to adapt to the lack of diversity and overcome it. Since her graduation, she has held various leadership roles. In addition, her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to create two small businesses. 

She is the co-founder of SET Ranch & Prosperity Club, a local organization whose mission is to level the playing field for the socially and economically disadvantaged. Kezziah is also a member of Joplin's only Historically Black Community Center, the Minnie Hackney Community Service Center. 

In her free time, Kezziah likes to spend time outdoors on the water and camping. She also enjoys spending time with her siblings and cousins whenever possible. 

Kellen Carr

Presenter & Panelist

Born and raised in Joplin, Missouri, Kellen Carr has dedicated his life to service and adventure at every phase. After growing up in Joplin and graduating from Carl Junction High School in 2003, Kellen has continued to find the intersection of fun and purpose.

During his summer breaks, while attending Grambling State University, Kellen worked for the City of Joplin’s Parks and Recreation department, mentoring local youth. He earned his degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism (in 2008). After that, his focus shifted towards strength & conditioning high school student-athletes at Webb City (MO), where he helped the group win a football state championship in 2010.

Kellen joined the United States Air Force in 2011. He was an award-winning journalist, twice named the Stars & Stripes Radio Personality of the Year. In 2012 Kellen deployed to Afghanistan as a Combat Journalist and Foreign Correspondent for affiliate television stations stateside. He transitioned to civilian life in 2015 following his honorable discharge from the U.S. Air Force. Kellen has been active, filling his free time with traveling, snowboarding, hiking, and service. He volunteers at the Black Male Alliance and Boys 2 MENtor Program to work with young black males of Lane County. He is also the PA announcer for Thurston High School’s football and baseball programs.

An avid reader and lifelong learner, Kellen plans to continue acquiring knowledge and inspiring those he encounters to live a full and impactful life.

Dola Flake


Dola Flake is an experienced diversity trainer and master-level social worker. She has been working to create inclusive spaces through Equity Diversity Inclusion (EDI) education since 2017. In 2019, Dola completed her certification as an EDI trainer from NCCJ St. Louis, a premier diversity training institute.

Dola has provided EDI training to over 2000 individuals. She was honored with the 2021 Joplin Magazine Pathfinder Award for her efforts to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

In addition to providing access to EDI training throughout the Midwest region, Dola serves as a community volunteer in various roles. She is co-founder of Joplin for Justice, a community group that promotes equity and inclusion for all people. She is currently vice-chairperson for the Emancipation Park Days Committee of Joplin and a board member of JoMOEQ. Both organizations strive to create inclusive spaces for underrepresented populations.

EDI work is more than a career path for Dola; it’s her passion and purpose. Dola is a doctoral student at the University of Arkansas, studying Public Policy in Social Justice. Her area of focus is understanding the most effective ways to provide EDI training and consulting services.

Chandler Thomas


Chandler Thomas - is a native of Joplin but spent most of his early adulthood in Phoenix, AZ. Chandler Thomas is the Founder & CEO of Soulful Sweets Shoppe. Initially formed in 2018 in Phoenix, AZ. It has since relocated and is now operating in Dallas, TX. Soulful Sweets Shoppe specializes in handmade desserts made with a soulful urban flare.

In addition to cooking, music 

has been one of Chandler's passions since his early years! Up to this point, Chandler has participated in many choirs,

music groups, and community organizations and has been afforded opportunities to sing background and record with many well-known National Recording Artists, with Kirk Franklin being the most recent. Chandler is also a member of the National Urban League Young Professionals Auxiliary out of Dallas/Fort Worth, an organization that advocates for economic and social justice for African Americans and against racial discrimination in the United States. 

When not working his regular job, doing something with music, or within the community, Chandler Thomas spends his time contributing to his business in hopes of one day acquiring a storefront location. Chandler attributes his company's success thus far to his desire to set himself apart through his presentation and marketing techniques!