Giving back to the community using science & empowering the less privelleged

About Us

MaRopafadzo Foundation is the STEM branch of SET Ranch and Prosperity Club, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. MaRopafadzo Foundation was founded by Ropafadzo Sandiswa Nyakutya ("Ropa Sandiswa" for short), a Missouri Southern State University International student from Harare, Zimbabwe, who majors in Biochemistry.

The STEM branch focuses on giving back to the community through science by helping children in the USA, and Zimbabwe get interested in STEM areas that lack diverse representation.


We engage the community where they are—attending events like Carver Day at the George Washington Carver Monument in Diamond, Missouri. Opportunities like this help the Foundation reach our goal!

Children and youth from underserved communities within Zimbabwe and the USA do not have easy access to practical examples of textbook experiments. At Carver Day, we showed families an easy science reaction that can be done on an affordable budget using supplies from the Dollar Store.


The children got to understand the chemical reaction of dry and wet substances to form a compound. Ropa assisted them in mixing Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) with Aqueous Acetic Acid (Vinegar) to form Sodium Acetate and Carbon Dioxide Gas (which are observed bubbling over the top of the experiment jar)

At MaRopafadzo, we enjoy finding ways to make science fun while still being educational.

Current Goal...

During our first year of operation, we will help children with Cerebral Palsy in Zimbabwe. Working side by side with Ngonidzashe Trust, a non-profit in Rusape, we aim to ensure fair distribution of care by providing medical packages and care items, rehabilitation services, and psycho-social support, emphasizing equality and fairness. We will also use science to educate the youth in USA about it.

Cerebral Palsy is a muscle, posture, or movement disorder caused by abnormal brain development. 1.55 per 1000 children in rural areas and 3.3 per 1000 children in urban areas of Zimbabwe are affected by Cerebral Palsy (Finkenflugel et al.) Ngonidzashe has been able to identify a few of these children and has started helping out each child and caregiver as a pair. 

One of our goals is to help out these children whilst fulfilling some United Nation Sustainable Development Goals in both USA and Zimbabwean communities.

To be a part of our mission, join us as we raise donations and educate young minds on this disorder.